Use the M2E Pro community extension for Magento to consolidate web orders from your Amazon and eBay merchant accounts

If you have an Amazon and/or eBay merchant account, and are considering extending your presence online with a full-blown eCommerce platform, consider Magento and its widely popular M2E extension to tie things together.

Magento, coupled with M2E Pro, will allow you single-point visibility to all order activity. M2E Pro will collect orders from eBay and Amazon and import them into Magento using the standard order series in Magento.

M2E Pro will also update stock quantities on-hand in eBay and Amazon from what is available in Magento. The challenge remains, though, as how to get accurate item information to Magento for the support of this process. Enter CartSpan, the most cost-effective eCommerce integration on the market for QuickBooks, Sage 50 US, and Peachtree. The accounting system will inevitably remain the ‘master’ of inventory and the source of these updates. CartSpan monitors your accounting system for any new receipts, invoicing, or adjustments and will immediately publish incremental changes to Magento. With these near real-time inventory updates from CartSpan, M2E Pro can do an even better job of maintaining stock on Amazon and eBay.

CartSpan will import all of your Magento orders (Amazon & eBay included) into the accounting system with native support for retaining visibility to the original Amazon and eBay order numbers. This is very important for when customers make inquiries against orders originating from these marketing channels. Additionally, CartSpan will import onto the order/invoice itself, the PayPal transaction number for the eBay orders.

CartSpan offers standard functionality for directing payments to their own cash accounts by payment method. This process supports the payment reconciliation process by isolating receipts from each marketing channel; sparing you the angst of sifting though aggregated payment information.

One of nicest benefits of all is that M2E Pro is offered free-of-charge. That’s right! eBay, as the parent company of PayPal and Magento, would like to see you extend your eCommerce reach and use its payment processing on eBay. It’s a ‘win-win’ for you and what has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market.

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