QuickBooks Magento Integration by CartSpan

Higher capability, better value, better support!

CartSpan supports both Magento 2.x and legacy Magento 1.x versions of Community Edition (CE) in your chosen hosting environment. There is no charge for the Community addition; which is a very robust platform containing most of the base functionality as its ‘bigger brother’ Enterprise edition.

Magento 2 is a feature-rich, professional open-source eCommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. Magento 2’s intuitive administration interface contains powerful marketing, merchandising and content management tools to give merchants the power to create sites that are tailored to their unique business needs. Completely scalable and backed by an extensive support network, Magento 2 offers companies the ultimate eCommerce solution.

We also offer native support for some very popular community extensions:

CartSpan currently supports all of the following extensions in the 1.x and 2.x versions of Magento:

M2E Pro –  Enable single-point integration of your Amazon and Ebay merchant accounts with Magento. See our blog post (Here) detailing native support. CartSpan is the only solution on the market that effectively manages the cross-reference of item codes and multi-pack configurations passed-in to Magento via M2E.

Delivery Date by AdjustWare – Lets your customers choose delivery date and time and manage available delivery days.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by aheadWorks –  Accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store. CartSpan fully recognizes the extension-specific product types used within this module.

Advanced Product Options by MageWorx –  Simplifies the process of adding configurable options by not having to utilize configurable products. Use this product to quickly add options to your existing simple products. Each configured option can have its own price, SKU, weight, inventory quantity, and image. User consensus is that APO saves extraordinary amounts of time.

Customer Credit by MageWorx –  This extension allows you set credit amounts in Magento for a specific customer. This new ‘Internal Credit’ payment method can be used for full or partial payment during checkout.

One Step Checkout –  This well-reviewed extension (Here) allows consolidation of your checkout into a single page. CartSpan recognizes and imports a user-supplied Purchase Order number (if applicable); which is critical for companies engaging in B2B operations.

Reward Points+ –  A well-reviewed loyalty program extension by Magestore (Here) that helps you keep your customers coming back. Customers earn ‘points’ for their purchases and can redeem these points as discounts against future purchases. CartSpan appropriately picks-up the discount from Reward Points+ supporting tables and includes it in the import process. This extension is value-priced and very cost-effective relative to other loyalty program extensions.

Sales Reps and Dealers –  A well-reviewed sales rep extension by Amasty (Here). Standard Magento CE does not support the association of a sales representative with specific customers. This extension allows you make these associations and CartSpan will import the username assigned to the sales rep (in Magento ) into the Sales Rep ID field on the order/invoice in the accounting system. This is especially useful for companies utilizing Magento as an order entry front-end and manage sales commissions out of the accounting system.

eCommerce Gamification Suite by aheadWorks –  A well-reviewed sales rep extension by aheadWorks (Here). This extension takes the concept of reward points to a whole new level. If you sell a product that lends itself to communal engagement, this extension allows your customers to ‘compete’ with each other in a way that promotes your product. Customers are rewarded for reviews, referrals, and purchases and can redeem ‘points’ at the time of checkout.

Reward Points Pro –  A well-reviewed loyalty program extension by MageWorld (Here) that helps you keep your customers coming back. Customers earn ‘points’ for their purchases and can redeem these points as discounts against future purchases. CartSpan appropriately picks-up the discount from Reward Points Pro supporting tables and includes it in the import process. Though more expensive than other reward points extensions, this extension offers more extensive features including tie-in’s to Social Media.

Sales Representative Commission Manager –  A well-reviewed sales/commission tracking extension by Lucid Path (Here). Standard Magento CE does not support the capture of an internal sales representative when Magento is utilized for inside sales. This extension allows you make these associations and CartSpan will import the username assigned to the sales rep (in Magento ) into the Sales Rep ID field on the order/invoice in the accounting system. This is especially useful for companies utilizing Magento as an order entry front-end and manage sales commissions out of the accounting system.

Recent Customer Reviews from Magento Connect

"Best out there" - Posted April 12, 2016

This extension, not only exceeded all expectations, but set a summit for all other extensions. CartSpan is by far the most reliable and function extension. Scott is a great guy that you can always count on. Top notch product – will recommend.

GSK_Corp : I’m a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1

"What an amazing and powerful product!" - Posted January 30, 2016

Our company had another store/shopping cart and, for about two years, used a CartSpan competitor to integrate with Quickbooks. When we decided to develop a new Magento store, we saw it as an opportunity to improve the store to Quickbooks integration. I’ve now been working with CartSpan for several months. Wow, what a difference between the two products and companies!

Right from the beginning, I could tell this experience was going to be different than dealing with the previous vendor. CartSpan support listened to our questions and took time to understand our wants and needs. It was a completely painless integration. My experience with the previous vendor resulted in inventory counts getting messed up on thousands of products TWICE! Once initially and once after an “upgrade”.

CartSpan support seems to genuinely want to be a partner to help our business succeed. CartSpan processes orders and uploads inventory counts in a matter of seconds. I think I’ve seen it run for as long as three minutes. Our old product would run for over fifteen minutes at a time, bogging down my PC. Coincidence or not, Quickbooks has been much more stable since switching to CartSpan.

I absolutely love how the Fixed Price Bundle Products are sent to Quickbooks! Let’s say you have an $80 bundle with the following Simple Products…

Widget A – $60 Individually
Widget B – $25 Individually
Widget C – $15 Individually

CartSpan will allocate the appropriate percentage to each product, putting them into Quickbooks as

Widget A – $48
Widget B – $20
Widget C – $12

This feature helps to keep our reports much more accurate than before!

Another great feature is the SKU mapping. You can even have one SKU in your accounting software which maps to multiple SKUs in your shopping cart.

I’m probably somewhat of a high-maintenance customer but every support need or question has been answered promptly by CartSpan support. CartSpan is one of the best investments I’ve made, freeing up employee labor to be used on things that actually generate revenue, as opposed to data entry. Keep up the great work, guys!

"PERFECT Sage 50 Integration" - Posted January 28, 2016

I can count on one hand, perhaps one finger, the number of times that I have been so impressed with a third party product, that I felt the need to talk about it. So why do so now?

Garage Flooring LLC (http://www.garageflooringllc.com) is a rapidly growing company with millions in sales, but we are still very much a small business. This country depends on small business for economic growth and when one small business owner finds another small business that can truly have a drastic impact on how he or she does business, we have an obligation to our fellow entrepreneurs to talk about it!

CartSpan and another software package we are integrating in early 2016 will integrate our cart and our accounting software (for $500) and fundamentally change the way we do business. When I started this company I was working full time and my office consisted of a cell phone and a briefcase. As the company grew, I went full time, from a desk in my bedroom. When we hired our first employee we got a small office. Today we have warehouse space, office space multiple employees and a thriving business.

BUT, there was a problem. As a small business owner you always want to hire more people. But you want to hire good people who can help you and your customers. As order volumes increase, so much of your time can be focused on pushing paper and this takes away from what makes your business a good business. Last year we got a quote on integration and it was tens of thousands of dollars. This year as I planned my 2016 budget, I set aside an enormous amount of the budget to cover integration costs. I also asked our in-house developer and business partner to set aside hours and hours of development time.

We settled on a software and I was told ‘You need to call them first.’ So I pick up the phone and talk directly to Scott. Scott says “I do that for you.” To which I replied, “yeah, but for how much?” He advised that the integration time and setup was included in the whopping $500 software fee! Friday morning, Scott remoted into our computers. Two hours later it was done. We have a few internal kinks, mapping out skus’ etc, but with his help and a minor workaround, all orders have imported! We use a Magento based cart and Sage Quantum (AKA Sage 50).

He also works with QuickBooks and other major accounting softwares and most of the major carts. When you call him, you talk to him. When its time to integrate, you talk to him. The most amazing part: WE HAD EVEN PAID HIM YET! Scott refuses to take any money until his software is 100% working as expected. It’s clear what this means to to other small business owners, but what about our customers? It means the best staff in the business just got better! My staff now spends less time processing orders and even more time learning the industry and working with our customers. They also still personally review each and every order that comes through. Automation is great, but, sometimes we catch things computers don’t. We have our staff look at every order before a shipping label is printed or a PO created. It also means more time for professional development.

For example, one of our staff members is using the additional time to learn a new skill set that will make her even more valuable to us a company — and in the long run that benefits everyone involved. So as a small business owner and as Garage Flooring LLC, if you find yourself spending to much time processing orders, or you want to get the right system in place now, there is no better person than Scott and no better platform than CartSpan to make that happen. I have not and will not take any discounts for this review.

This is my unsolicited, heartfelt appreciation for an amazing company and product. I will also keep you updated.

"Like a Charm" - Posted December 17, 2015

This extension, not only exceeded all expectations, but set a summit for all other extensions. CartSpan is by far the most reliable and function extension that I have in my arsenal of over 50 magento extensions. Every promise CartSpan has made, they have delivered! Bravo on a great product!!

"Excellent" - Posted - December 17, 2015

We purchased Cart Span about 6 months ago and could not be happier. It has saved us hours per day of manually adding customers and orders to our bookkeeping system (Quickbooks). Due to the limitations of M2E Pro and eBay, as well as the way we sell our product (sometimes in multiple quantities), we were forced to add phantom products to our Quickbooks system which was wreaking havoc on our inventory, etc. After a phone call to Scott at Cart Span he explained to me a unique feature of Cart Span where we were able to cross reference the unique sku we had to create in Magento/M2E Pro and tie it to the correct item in our Quickbooks system, essentially solving all our inventory/accounting issues! Scott was also incredibly helpful over the phone with a tax issue we had, updating code to ensure Cart Span worked seamlessly for us, eliminating additional work. I would highly recommend Cart Span to anyone using Magento with Quickbooks. Especially if you sell on eBay and use M2E Pro. Thank you Scott!

americancv : I’m a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1

"Thank you CartSpan!" - posted December 5, 2014

CartSpan improved the efficiency of my client’s eCommerce business saving them time and money. Scott was a pleasure to work with during the integration and we haven’t had an issue since. CartSpan just works. We love it!

jefftighe: I’m a deployment & integrations provider,I useCommunity 1.8.1

"Great Extension" - Posted November 19, 2015

I tried two other similar integrations with results that were Mediocre at best. And then I found CartSpan. Not only does it do everything it says it does, it’s just a solid product all around with great support. The developer has an installation procedure that is well thought out and very organized, which Reaps benefits when you go live. I would, and have, recommended this extension to anyone who wants a QuickBooks Integration that actually works.

dougsak3, I’m a merchant,I useCommunity 1.6.1

"Perfect isn’t Good enough!" - Posted October 29, 2015

I too like everybody else have looked all around for a cost effective way to import my online orders into my quick books to-no-avail, until I found Cart Span.

Cart span imported over 2000 orders into quick books in less than an hour and a half. Not only did it import the orders it created the all of the customers and all inventory items on the fly!

There is no other solution or plugin you need for your Megento store. Use your quick books reports to manage your business. This is truly a time saver, no double entry. It truly is a turnkey solution.Scott was awesome to work with, he took the time to make sure the integration went smooth and was sure everything was working perfect.

This program is really worth twice the cost.

There is some checklist items to do before installation but once those things are done it’s a seamless piece of software. Cart Span will let you know when you have orders by giving the old cash register “Cha-Ching” sound.

Even if you only do 10 orders a day then cart span is for you. Nothing is worse than slow going double entry work. No human errors ever!


"CartSpan is a Must For Small Businesses" - Posted September 10, 2015

We had been looking for a product like CartSpan for a long time, and we were so happy that we found it!

We use Quickbooks Enterprise for our business, and the time it took for us input our invoices took quite a while. After checking out different products, CartSpan stood out because the developer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the specifics of getting the product working for us–the way we needed it to work. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the ease of using the product, and with the level of assistance that the developer provided. So we gave CartSpan a shot. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made, as it has saved us TONS of time every single day.

We ended up starting to use CartSpan as our busy season picked up. Set up was easy (we thought it was going to be much more difficult, but it went by relatively quickly). After we got it up and running, everything imported correctly, and any kind of issues we had were quickly resolved early on with the developer’s help.

Now that we are slowing down again, I can honestly say the amount of time that CartSpan has saved us was invaluable, as we didn’t predict such an uptick in volume. I recently emailed the developer with a couple of questions regarding CartSpan’s functionality and he called me shortly afterwards and talked me through all the questions I had. This, without a doubt, further reaffirms the decision we have made in using CartSpan was the correct one.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for software that will save you time and money by importing online orders into Quickbooks, as well as exceptional support, then this is the product for you.

eLifeguard : I’m a merchant,I useCommunity

"CartSpan ahead of the rest!" - Posted September 8, 2015

Scott and CartSpan has simplified all my integration needs. We use QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory to increase the efficiency of pulling orders. I couldn’t find any other program that would integrate my Magento store with QB and automatically generate the warehouse location as well as the item bin location for my orders. After discussing with Scott what I needed the program to do, he wrote new code to make sure CartSpan did exactly what I needed it to do! Now my online orders sync into QB and are ready for my warehouse to pull in seconds! This saves my sales reps their valuable time it would take to type in each order with the correct warehouse location and the item bin location. I highly recommend CartSpan.

BlackoutDistro : I’m a merchant, I useCommunity 1.6.2

"Excellent Service" - Posted August 13, 2015

This product provides an essential time saving role in our data flow, so when it goes down I notice. It does occasionally go down, but when it does Scott is very responsive and has put in exceptional effort to determine the cause of the problem and implement a solution.

Scott is continually developing the product and has been very responsive to conversation on expanding functionality.

If you need Magento to talk to Quickbooks I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

ModLucas42 :

"CartSpan" - posted November 24, 2014

My company has been using cart span for over 6 months now and it is awesome. I can’t believe how much faster and efficient it is for us. I don’t know what we were doing before we discovered this little piece of heaven but I would recommend it to everyone..

"Loving CartSpan!" - posted November 10, 2014

My company has been using CartSpan since January of this year and we are thrilled with it! I shudder when I think about how long we spent creating invoices on our own when CartSpan does it in split seconds and so inexpensively! Scott Wheeler has done an incredible job with this integration. He has been a wonderful point person and was always available during the setup making sure I was comfortable with the product. I can’t say enough about this product!