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eCommerce integration pushes expected in-stock date and pre-order quantity available to the shopping cart

The CartSpan eCommerce integration for QuickBooks now pushes expected ‘expected in-stock’ date and quantity coming available to the product masters in the Magento 2.x and legacy Magento 1.x platforms. This exciting functionality is presently only available between the QuickBooks and Magento platforms. Other eCommerce platforms will be considered on an as-requested basis. Displaying when your […]

CartSpan WooCommerce/QuickBooks integration supports import of detailed payment method

Syed “Nazrul” Hassan, author of the ‘Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Addon’ (SPGWA) has extended the functionality of his extension to support CartSpan integration with WooCommerce. The basic WooCommerce implementation allows payments to be taken via PayPal, but will not provide suitable detail regarding the payment method for merchants to reconcile payments. The basic PayPal integration […]

CartSpan supports mapping of supplemental eCommerce data in the accounting integration process

The concept of the open-source software represents a double-edged sword for merchants. The ability to tailor software to meet business requirements is highly-valued, but the very changes a developer makes to support these requirements can render 3rd party integration tools useless. This even includes cases where the developer makes changes outside of what is commonly […]

CartSpan Supports QuickBooks Advanced Inventory by Site AND Location

QuickBooks offers users of its Enterprise Edition functionality known as Advanced Inventory. This functionality allows for the creation of multiple ‘sites’ and creation of multiple ‘locations’ within each site; which can also be thought of as ‘warehouse/bin’ designations. Inventory may then be distributed amongst the individual storage locations, thus supporting more precise availability in the […]

Use Magento Configurable product type with Custom Options to offer configurable bundling

The following paragraphs describe a method of using Magento to offer fixed-price bundling, but with the user being able to select individual options from configured subgroups of products. Such functionality IS NOT presently available in standard Magento CE and can only be obtained via complex, expensive, and often poorly supported extensions. The CartSpan eCommerce integration […]

eCommerce Inventory Management for Assembled Product Types

Inventory management for manufacturers in the eCommerce environment is uniquely challenging due to the product-type(s) they sell; namely ‘assembled’ products. To maintain flexibility in order fulfillment, a manufacturer will often ‘assemble-to-order’ using the required child components. With demand for related products with common components constantly changing, it becomes near-impossible for the business to indicate how […]

Discover open-source cloud accounting with FrontAccounting ERP

FrontAccounting appears to be a relative ‘sleeper’ in the realm of open-source cloud-based accounting with tremendous up-side potential. Minus the modern marketing and flashy UI of more widely known commercial accounting products such as FreshBooks or Xero,  FrontAccounting  offers the same basic functionality (and more) for businesses to effectively manage their operations…at no cost.

Handling Customer IDs when Moving from Bricks-n-Mortar to Online Commerce

Perhaps the stickiest obstacle in successfully migrating from a legacy ‘Bricks-n-Mortar’ business to operating an online store is the creation of new customer IDs/Names. Over the course of time, customer IDs may have been created without utilizing any standard naming convention.  When the prospect of integration is delved into more deeply, the process of reconciling […]