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Are you tired of re-entering Web orders and
over committing inventory?

With immediate piece-of-mind and ROI in about
two weeks, what are you waiting for?

Noverhead® CartSpan® – eCommerce Integration for QuickBooks Enterprise/Premium/Pro, Sage 50, and QuickBooks POS.

Automatically import your on-line orders into QuickBooks, QuickBooks POS, or Sage 50, eliminating the need for time consuming and error-prone re-entry. CartSpan can be used optionally to update item prices and quantities available in the shopping cart, providing your customers with a ‘real-time’ view of product availability. CartSpan supports many popular hosted, open source, and WordPress/Joomla CMS carts and marketplaces such as: Amazon, BigCommerce,  CS-CartEcommerce Templates, Fortune3Magento (1.x and 2.x),  Zen Cart, OpenCart, osCommercePrestaShop, Shopify, Squarespace, Ubercart, VPCart, Virtuemart, WP eCommerce, Volusion, WooCommerce, X-Cart, and more!

Try before you buy! No money up front. Companies confident in their offering should be willing to let you try their product before requiring any financial commitment on the front-end. After some basic preparation on your part we will personally assist you in setting up the 10 day trial.

Even after a successful 10 day trial, we understand that there are unforeseen requirements that could preclude the use of CartSpan for your business. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund your original purchase price within 30 days if this comes to pass.

Don’t be fooled by competitors’ low introductory prices that are ‘too good to be true.’ Competitive offerings typically charge extra for: updating stock in the cart, installation and configuration, training, and mask high per/order transaction charges that greatly increase your ongoing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). CartSpan has the potential to save you $1000’s over time.

Why Choose CartSpan?

  • Deepest Integration Available

    Not all integration’s are created equal. Rudimentary imports allow anyone to claim an integration. Don’t overlook how well the integrating product maximizes the features of your chosen cart and accounting system. CartSpan offers superior support for handling bundled and configurable products, gift certificates, variable product attributes, cross-referencing of ship and pay methods, advanced tax handling, and other requirements often considered intractable.

  • premium technical support

    Please don’t hesitate to call; when you succeed, we succeed. Most issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes using remote assistance tools. If we don’t answer the phone immediately, we make every effort to return your call within three business hours. In addition to providing a real phone number for you to call, we also distinguish ourselves in email communications by providing a real name in the signature line; There is no one with the name ‘Support’ in our organization.

  • Quick setup and configuration

    We understand and respect the value of time…yours and ours. That’s why we don’t just turn you loose with a download and ‘hope for the best.’ We employ a structured implementation process that begins with a personal phone call to understand how CartSpan fits your business requirements…because nobody likes surprises. After some checklist-guided preparation on your part, we can then get you scheduled for implementation and have you up and running in about 1-2 hours. This process ensures your success and maximizes our use of time.

Customer Testimonials

Exceeds expectations...

I can count on one hand, perhaps one finger, the number of times that I have been so impressed with a third party product, that I felt the need to talk about it. So why do so now?

Garage Flooring LLC (http://www.garageflooringllc.com) is a rapidly growing company with millions in sales, but we are still very much a small business. This country depends on small business for economic growth and when one small business owner finds another small business that can truly have a drastic impact on how he or she does business, we have an obligation to our fellow entrepreneurs to talk about it

CartSpan and another software package we are integrating in early 2016 will integrate our cart and our accounting software (for $500) and fundamentally change the way we do business. When I started this company I was working full time and my office consisted of a cell phone and a briefcase. As the company grew, I went full time, from a desk in my bedroom. When we hired our first employee we got a small office. Today we have warehouse space, office space multiple employees and a thriving business.

BUT, there was a problem. As a small business owner you always want to hire more people. But you want to hire good people who can help you and your customers. As order volumes increase, so much of your time can be focused on pushing paper and this takes away from what makes your business a good business. Last year we got a quote on integration and it was tens of thousands of dollars. This year as I planned my 2016 budget, I set aside an enormous amount of the budget to cover integration costs. I also asked our in-house developer and business partner to set aside hours and hours of development time.

We settled on a software and I was told ‘You need to call them first.’ So I pick up the phone and talk directly to Scott. Scott says “I do that for you.” To which I replied, “yeah, but for how much?” He advised that the integration time and setup was included in the whopping $500 software fee! Friday morning, Scott remoted into our computers. Two hours later it was done. We have a few internal kinks, mapping out skus’ etc, but with his help and a minor workaround, all orders have imported! We use a Magento based cart and Sage Quantum (AKA Sage 50).

He also works with QuickBooks and other major accounting softwares and most of the major carts. When you call him, you talk to him. When its time to integrate, you talk to him. The most amazing part: WE HAD NOT EVEN PAID HIM YET! Scott refuses to take any money until his software is 100% working as expected. It’s clear what this means to to other small business owners, but what about our customers? It means the best staff in the business just got better! My staff now spends less time processing orders and even more time learning the industry and working with our customers. They also still personally review each and every order that comes through. Automation is great, but, sometimes we catch things computers don’t. We have our staff look at every order before a shipping label is printed or a PO created. It also means more time for professional development.

For example, one of our staff members is using the additional time to learn a new skill set that will make her even more valuable to us a company — and in the long run that benefits everyone involved. So as a small business owner and as Garage Flooring LLC, if you find yourself spending to much time processing orders, or you want to get the right system in place now, there is no better person than Scott and no better platform than CartSpan to make that happen. I have not and will not take any discounts for this review.

This is my unsolicited, heartfelt appreciation for an amazing company and product. I will also keep you updated.

Outside-of-the-Box Capabilities...

Our company had another store/shopping cart and, for about two years, used a CartSpan competitor to integrate with Quickbooks. When we decided to develop a new Magento store, we saw it as an opportunity to improve the store to Quickbooks integration. I’ve now been working with CartSpan for several months. Wow, what a difference between the two products and companies!

Right from the beginning, I could tell this experience was going to be different than dealing with the previous vendor. CartSpan support listened to our questions and took time to understand our wants and needs. It was a completely painless integration. My experience with the previous vendor resulted in inventory counts getting messed up on thousands of products TWICE! Once initially and once after an “upgrade”.

CartSpan support seems to genuinely want to be a partner to help our business succeed. CartSpan processes orders and uploads inventory counts in a matter of seconds. I think I’ve seen it run for as long as three minutes. Our old product would run for over fifteen minutes at a time, bogging down my PC. Coincidence or not, Quickbooks has been much more stable since switching to CartSpan.

I absolutely love how the Fixed Price Bundle Products are sent to Quickbooks! Let’s say you have an $80 bundle with the following Simple Products…

Widget A – $60 Individually
Widget B – $25 Individually
Widget C – $15 Individually

CartSpan will allocate the appropriate percentage to each product, putting them into Quickbooks as

Widget A – $48
Widget B – $20
Widget C – $12

This feature helps to keep our reports much more accurate than before!

Another great feature is the SKU mapping. You can even have one SKU in your accounting software which maps to multiple SKUs in your shopping cart.

I’m probably somewhat of a high-maintenance customer but every support need or question has been answered promptly by CartSpan support. CartSpan is one of the best investments I’ve made, freeing up employee labor to be used on things that actually generate revenue, as opposed to data entry. Keep up the great work, guys!

How Web Developers Feel...

As a solution developer using Magento I require 3 things for extensions that we use in our sites. 1) is that they do what they say they’ll do, and 2) it does it efficiently, and 3) that the extension developer have support that is accessible and knowledgeable.

CartSpan has exceeded my expectations in all respects. The product does everything we need (and even a few things we didn’t expect) and it does it well. The support has been far and above some of the best support we’ve ever gotten from an extension provider.

I would recommend CartSpan to any business or developer looking to integrate their Magento into their Quickbooks.

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