Note to Developers

We work closely with developers to meet the needs of their clients, but we do not install and support CartSpan in development environments. The client installation, however, can be pointed to a developmental implementation of the cart. We take this position with the following rationale:

Proven Solution/Zero Risk – CartSpan works as advertised and does not need to be re-validated in a testing environment.

Domain Expertise – CartSpan is a highly-configurable solution that requires accounting-related considerations during the implementation process. Our experience in this domain, coupled with understanding of the target eCommerce platform, uniquely positions us to facilitate these considerations.

Environmental Scanning – Direct interaction with the end-user allows us to continually assess how well CartSpan addresses the evolving needs of businesses. We would rather hear this first-hand at the beginning of a project, rather than after expensive resources have been deployed.

Maintaining Cost-Efficiency – Value is a primary attraction of the CartSpan solution. By working directly with the client and implementing CartSpan only once we keep costs to an absolute minimum. The result is a cost-effective integration that is at-least 40% less expensive initially and at-least 80% less expensive annually than the nearest competitor.

Quality Management – By working directly with the end-user we can ensure the quality of the implementation. This approach has resulted in a very high level of customer satisfaction in the marketplace. And, working directly with us does not present any additional cost the end-user.


How we work together

CartSpan is not a ‘Plug-In’, ‘Extension’, or ‘Add-on’ and does not install on the Server where the shopping cart is located. It is a Windows-based desktop application that installs next to the client’s chosen accounting software; which is utilized to facilitate the import/export work. We assist directly with this part of the implementation.

Depending upon the eCommerce platform your client has selected, there is a minimal amount of work required on your part to enable the integration. If the eCommerce platform is supported by a mySQL database (most common), there are two supporting PHP scripts that need to be placed in the ‘public_html’ directory of the cart. We provide a pre-configuration checklist that details the necessary credentials that CartSpan requires to communicate with these scripts.  If the eCommerce platform is supported by a MS SQL Server database, there is a PreCompiled WebService to be installed. If the client is unable to perform this task, he/she may require your services to place these scripts and/or establish database access credentials.

Our preference is to have a quick personal conversation followed-up with a CC’d introduction to your client. Whereupon we will take the lead in guiding your client to a successful integration. During this process, we promise to keep you well-informed of progress and copied on all email communications.

Please respect this deployment strategy.  After multiple successful joint-implementations we will be happy to include you as one of our development partners. This listing involves no financial reciprocation and serves only as a reference to potential clients visiting this site.

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