QuickBooks POS Ubercart Integration by CartSpan

Higher capability, better value, better support!

  Ubercart is an open source e-commerce solution fully integrated with the leading open source content management system, Drupal, winner in two categories of the Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Awards. This is a killer combination for anyone looking to build a community around a product, sell access to premium content, offer paid file downloads, and much more, all while maintaining a seamless connection to your users.

Currently compatible with Drupal 7, Ubercart leverages the advantages of Drupal’s major core and contributed systems, providing your users with shopping cart functionality that integrates with other parts of your company or community website. To learn more about the benefits of using Drupal, check out our article which answers the question, “Why use Drupal for e-commerce?

Developers can add to or alter Ubercart features to accommodate virtually any e-commerce need. This means you’ll never have to change the source code to add new features, so you’ll have an easy upgrade path as Ubercart continues to evolve to meet the demands of a growing community.

Support for Item Attributes – CartSpan supports the configuration of item-level attributes. For instance, if you sell garments (or any other configurable item) and wish to configure ‘size’, ‘color’, ‘logo’, etc., CartSpan will import these selected options appended to the general description of the item.

CartSpan-Specific Considerations –
This integration was developed against the following supporting modules in Ubercart: (list not all-inclusive)

Discounts (6.x-2.x dev) – Defines Ubercart discount based on user-defined codes.

Shipping (6.x-2.4) – Get products ready for physical shipment.

Taxes (6.x-2.4) – Defines tax rates for customers’ geographic locations and products sold.

Flatrate (6.x-2.4) – Assigns a flat shipping rate to products.

U.S. Postal Service (6.x-2.4) – Integration of USPS Rate Calculator and Mail Service Standard Web Tools with Ubercart.

UPS (6.x-2.4) – Integration of UPS Rates and Services Selection and Shipping Online Tools with Drupal.

Learn more about Ubercart Shopping Cart Software > HERE.