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The eCommerce Business System: Guidance for Beginners

I often get the question, or some variant of, “Which shopping cart works best with CartSpan,” or “Which shopping cart works best with XYZ accounting system?” To which I always reply, “It depends…” A ‘squishy’ response to a question that, for most people stepping into eCommerce for the first time, would appreciate a more affirmative […]

Use the M2E Pro community extension for Magento to consolidate web orders from your Amazon and eBay merchant accounts

If you have an Amazon and/or eBay merchant account, and are considering extending your presence online with a full-blown eCommerce platform, consider Magento and its widely popular M2E extension to tie things together. Magento, coupled with M2E Pro, will allow you single-point visibility to all order activity. M2E Pro will collect orders from eBay and […]

Is your ‘seamless’ eCommerce integration a drain on your time?

If you are factoring ‘seamless’ eCommerce integration with your accounting system into your shopping cart selection process, don’t fail to exercise due diligence with respect to the claims being made. There are Shopping Carts on the market, commercial and open-source, that advertise ‘accounting integration’ that is often, quite simply, a misrepresentation.

Considerations when integrating QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Sage 50 with your shopping cart.

We have listed some overarching considerations that should be made when evaluating eCommerce/Accounting integrations. These topics/questions have been adapted from our response to the Sleeter Group blog by Jim Savage regarding In Search of the Perfect QuickBooks Shopping Cart Integration. The content has been expanded to include the Peachtree/Sage 50 accounting platforms and  the answers […]