Please note that the downloads provided here are for existing installations only. If you download and install this software outside of the normal installation process, it will not operate; therefore nothing to see or evaluate.

New Customers: To get started, please contact a customer support representative at CartSpan for a brief discussion regarding your business requirements. Our phone number is listed at the top of the page. If CartSpan appears to be a fit for your business, we will provide you with a pre-configuration checklist targeted to the accounting system and shopping cart that you are using.

Product Updates

Last updated on: 4/13/2014

STEP 1: Update your accounting first (if applicable)
If upgrading to support a newer version of Sage 50, QuickBooks, or FrontAccounting, ensure that you have upgraded the accounting system first.

Sage 50 users only – If you DO NOT upgrade your company file ‘in-place’ (i.e., you upgrade/move the company file to a new folder), you will need to re-point the ODBC connection to the new folder. These instructions can be accessed via the ‘Help’ menu out of the CartSpan application itself.

STEP 2: Backup your system

Though your application configuration and licensing file will remain unaffected, please make a backup of the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Noverhead\CartSpan\” directory before initiating this update. If you don’t already perform regular backups of all important data on your system, you should begin doing so immediately as a matter of good data-management.

STEP 3: Install the update

Download the version of software that corresponds with your own accounting system. For instance, if you are running Sage 50 v.2011, make sure you download/install the 2011 update. Newer version of CartSpan are compiled to retroactively support older versions the supported accounting systems. You will need to uninstall your existing instance of CartSpan before you can install the update.

Note regarding supporting scripts – If it has been a significant amount of time since you have upgraded, there is a possibility that you may require newer scripts. If so, this will be indicated the first time you run CartSpan after the update. Please contact technical support in this event.

CartSpan v2010 Update

CartSpan v2011 Update

CartSpan v2012 Update

CartSpan v2013 Update

CartSpan v2014 Update

CartSpan v2015 Update